Welcome to our small manufactory

Our little family-owned enterprise in Lauscha, Thuringia has devoted itself to the production of dolls-, figures and teddy bears eyes already for decades.
Each of these filigree works of art is produced lovingly by hand according to old Lauschaer tradition. We attach a particulary high importance to first-class quality.
Our products are worldwide in demand by now since we also can go into quite special customer desires in addition to our extensive assortment.
We still obtain our raw materials, like glass staff and glas tubes, out of the local glassworks which there is already for hundreds of years, too.
Please be inspired here, so your doll or your teddy bear sees the light oft he world with our glass eyes.

An important note at the end:

Most of our items are not manufactured until ordered. We do not have a big warehouse. That means for our customers: Please order on time, because the production takes place according to the order of receipt of your order. This can lead to longer delivery times.